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A Book Review

In 1928 Walter Evans opened his decoy business in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. The date was February 1928. The first shop was in Evans’ back yard. Two years later he moved the shop to a larger building remaining in business until 1932 when he grew ill and closed the business. This information is found in several accounts. Walter Evans made a very nice very utilitarian decoy that appealed to many duck hunters of the time. Large numbers of decoys were made to satisfy the demand. Many collectors today also find Evans Decoys appealing but until recently a much needed reference to Evans Decoys was not available for those loyal collectors. That has now changed. Two friends of mine, Andy Schoneich and Terry Smart have written “EVANS DECOYS; EVANS DUCK DECOY FACTORY, A COLLECTORS COMPREHENSIVE PICTORIAL REFERENCE GUIDE” and they did it right. This is the best book of its kind I have ever seen. Their stated goal was to provide the collector a guide to the different grades and species of Evans Decoys. The goal of the book was not to speculate, but only make claims based on known/documented facts. This is a deviation from some of the most recent decoy books. The book documents the history of the Evans factory. The authors have done a wonderful job of describing all the species of Evans Decoys accompanied with excellent photos. There is an excellent section covering head and speculum identification matching head and speculum styles. Chapter 15 covers Evans toys, doorstops and paper weights. In my opinion, Andy and Terry have written a book that will give any collector the knowledge necessary to intelligently build a collection of authentic original Evans Decoys. I recommend this book for every collector; not just Evans collectors.

- Vaughn B. Walters
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