About Us

My wife, Roxanna and I have hunted and fished Grand River as well as adjoining marshes, oxbows, sloughs, and fields in Northern Missouri for the past 43 years. The history of hunting and fishing, of which waterfowl and shorebird decoys are an integral part, have become almost as enjoyable to us as the activities themselves. Whenever possible we record the provenance of the decoys we collect and sell hoping to preserve hunting and collecting history. A decoy is more than a wonderful work of art. Each decoy is an entry in the historical ledger of our heritage. We have participated in educational decoy seminars and hope to continue in the future. Knowledge held by a few if shared with all collectors can benefit our hobby. We intend to help old and new collectors, whenever we can, to enjoy decoy collecting as much as we do. We specialize in Mason and Wildfowler decoys but have interest in many other factory and hand carved decoys. We are developing an interest in contemporary waterfowl and shorebird decoys. Time and money are our limiting factors, otherwise we could become totally out of control. We invite you to call us, visit with us , and share our excitement while enjoying the wonderful world of decoy collecting.

- Vaughn Walters

"Buck", 2003 ‐ 2013